Keen to work with a partner to make the most from your existing development or land?

We’re looking to enter joint ventures with organisations and individuals offering potential sites for further development who need an injection of investment and expertise around planning, design and construction procurement procedures.

Utilising the expertise of our affiliated companies Syntegra Group in planning and design and Gravitas Contracts in contract and construction management, we can significantly de-risk developments for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We are used to working under the spotlight of some of the most stringent planning authorities and have a keen eye for details and suggested improvements in applications at an early stage making success more likely when a project goes before planning chiefs.

We are proud of the quality service we provide in all disciplines but acknowledge that they come at a price to developers buying in experts at various stages of their projects.

That’s why we are looking for joint venture schemes where we can work in partnership with land and property owners/developers so that progress is rapid and profits shared without the need for a disjointed, fragmented approach to project management.

Our preferred areas for sites are London, the South-East and specifically the Home Counties – with or without current planning permission.

If you’re interested in taking your project forward on a JV footing, get in touch today. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed and will reap the benefits of a shared approach.