Partnership Opportunities

We are always willing to consider mutually advantageous partnership arrangements with other businesses & individuals and these present themselves in a number of different ways.

We consider that our Investors are also Partners, but aside from this the most common partnerships we have are with Joint Venture Partners and existing Landlords.

An example of a Joint Venture Partnership may be with a landowner, who may or may not have planning permission, and the agreement is that they put forward the land and we create the development. Upon completion of the project the added value created is then shared between us.

Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities With The Gravitas Property Group

For Landlords that are either retiring or maybe disillusioned with the day in, day out demands of managing a residential property portfolio then maybe we can help? We may be able to either purchase your entire portfolio of rental properties, or provide funding for renovations, or provide a guaranteed monthly rent and purchase properties over a number of years to reduce your tax liabilities.

Typically we would consider a JV profit share arrangement on minimum investments of £200,000. 

If you have a partnership proposal you’d like to discuss with us, or if you have any questions whatsoever, then please do Get in Touch. We’d be delighted to speak with you.

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